November 27, 2011

Key Lime Cupcake

As usual , I was sitting down at the dining table , surfing the internet to either updating my blog or reading other interesting blog when I saw Bake Along No. 13 which was organise by Frozen Wings , Kitchen Flavours and Bake for Happy Kids . It was just the right recipe which I have wanted to bake since last week. I was just plain lazy to bring my ass to the market to get some key lime ( limau nipis ) .. Heehee .Shhhhhhhh... this is a small little secret between us yeah . I am a lazy bum.. LOl..
This little thing actually makes me drool..... Seriously .. Well I am glad that I decided to join the "clan" for this Key Lime Cupcake . Will definitely make this again and again........... Sad thing is, Ryan is back in my hometown with my mom to spend their holiday there. So I was unable to let him try this delicious little green devil .. LOL

1cup          All Purpose Flour
3/4            Self-rising Flour
1/2cup      Unsalted Butter
3/4cup      Sugar ( Original recipe calls for 1 1/2 cup )
2large       Eggs
2 1/2tbsp  Lime juice
1tbsp        Finely Grated Lime Peel
1/4 tsp      Neon-Green Food Colouring ( any green of your choice will do )
3/4            Buttermilk

1 1/2cup   Icing Sugar
8 oz          Cream Cheese ( room temperature )
1/2cup      Unsalted Butter
1tbsp        Lime juice
1/2 tsp      Vanilla Extract

  1. Preheat oven to 177C . Line cupcake tray with cupcake liners
  2. Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy 
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk all purpose flour and self-rising flour till well mix
  4. Bet in eggs , 1 at time , mixing well after each addition 
  5. Add in lime juice , finely grated lime peel and food colouring 
  6. At low speed , add in flour in 3 addition alternating with buttermilk ( start with flour and end with flour ) 
  7. Spoon batter to fill 2/3 of cupcake liners
  8. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 177C , until skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean
  9. Remove from pan and leave it to cool on a cooling rack 
For Frosting :
  1. Beat all ingredients till smooth. Spread it on the cupcake and garnish with grated lime peel 
Yippeee !!! Enjoy your yummy Key Lime Cupake !! 

Recipe adapted from Bon Appetit Desserts

I am joining Bake Along No. 13 which was organise by Frozen Wings , Kitchen Flavours and Bake for Happy Kids. Hop over to their blogs to view the list of participants . Enjoy !

I am also submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes ! ( November 2011 ) hosted by Min of Min's Blog


  1. good morning abby, you really did it! really really nice to have you joining the bake along. Beautiful cupcakes and they look romantic to me! Just like you, i find them really delicious and hope you can make these again someday for ryan to try!

  2. Hi! Your cupcake is very pretty! This cupcake is really moist and delicious, we enjoyed it too. Thank you for baking along with us. Hope to see you again in our next Bake-Along. Happy Baking!

  3. Lena : Tq . You know what , you are always nice to my cakes. LOL. I have to really say I appreciate your compliments . It does make things better sometimes when u have encouragements from blogger buddies. ;)... The Key Lime Cupcake was really tasty . Will definitely bake it for Ryan when he is back to KL with me ..

    Kitchen Flavours : Hi , thanx for dropping by. Tq for the compliment. ;).. This is indeed a really tasty moist cake. Will definitely make it again. Well for the next Bake Along, I will definitely be baking along with you guys . ;) .. Keep in touch yeah .

  4. Hi Abby,

    Your cupcakes are very beautifully layered! Glad that I got to know you thru this bake-along and I'm happy to follow your blog for more of your cooking.

    I hope to see again you in our next bake-along :D

  5. Hi Zoe , thank you for dropping by. Tq for the compliment . I will definitely join you guys in the next Bake Along. ;)

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