November 2, 2011

Gyung Dan ( Korean Sweet Rice Balls )

Gyung Dan , what were you thinking when you hear this name ? LOL... I really have no idea as I really know nuts about all this foreign language.  As I was happily browsing thru some "kueh " for Aspiring Bakers #12 ( well I know its over know ) I stumble upon this recipe about Korean kitchen and all. The way the author describe the Korean Sweet Rice Balls makes me have the urgency to make it immediately there and then . Heehee.... I made this on the 28th of October , but unfortunately I was not able to post it since I was down with food poisoning . :( ... Well , no problem , even tho my Gyung Dan can't make it to Aspiring Bakers #12, I will still post it .........
Look at the yummy sesame seed . While toasting the sesame seed, I can smell the aromatic sesame seed being toasted to well......... can't say perfection here ... lol.... whatever. I better cut short my long winding and all before everyone gets bored .. heehee

1cup    Sweet Rice Flour / Glutinous Rice Flour
A pinch of Salt
1/3cup to 1/2cup Boiling Water
Black and white sesame seed ( toasted until fragrant)
Green Tea Powder ( optional )
For the Filling
Red Bean Paste


  •  Mix flour and salt in a bowl. Add boiling water one tbsp at a time while stirring vigorously
  • Adjust the amount of the water needed depending on the texture preferred. Knead to form smooth dough 
  • Divide dough into 16 portion 
  • Bring 8 cups of water to boil and prepare a large bowl of ice water to instantly chill the sweet rice balls and stop the cooking 
  • Flatten the sweet rice ball and place 1 tsp of red bean paste in the centre . Wrap the filling and twist to seal
  • Drop the rice ball into boiling water and boil till the rice ball float on the surface. Remove from boiling water and drop it into the iced water . 
  • Dish up to dry on a kitchen towel for a few minutes before coating it with sesame seed or green tea powder . Serve immediately or after chill 
Recipe adapted from Apple Pie, Paties & Patê

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