November 18, 2011

Encore !! Oatmeal Cupcake

Without me realizing, its gonna be end of 2011 soon. Gosh .. time really flies . Especially now that my job is really demanding , I really miss spending some quality time with my little ones . Today will be the last day of school for Justin and Nat ... and they went like " Yippee ... " . Man , they are really happy when it comes to " no need go school liao" LOL. Kids , they are all the same. So then I decided to bake them some cupcake for today's birthday party for November and December kids at school .
I always love looking at this cupcake. The oatmeal look so crunchy and delicious . Justin couldn't resist it . he was wandering around the cupcake wanted to eat it . he just couldn't wait for tomorrow. LOL . At last , I reach for a plate and gave him one of the oatmeal cupcake . He quickly sat down and started eating his cupcake . Within minutes , I only manage to see the empty cupcake case .
Look at his chubby cheek.. no wonder he can't wait to eat the oatmeal cupcakes . Please refer to my previous post here for the recipe. Enough of blabbering . Hope you enjoy this simple yet tasty recipe .

Recipe Adapted from Charming Cupcake Recipe Book

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