August 9, 2011


This dish is seriously tempting, due to popular demand I have prepare this dish again . I have make some changes this time around .

Please refer to my previous post for the recipe .I make sure I remember to rub coarse salt all over the skin and leave it in the refrigerator overnight without covering it. Instead of frying it , I preheated my oven to 225C and stuff this piece of pretty meat into my oven and roasted for 20 minutes . I have then removed it from the oven and fry it in the wok with the skin side first. The results, Crispy Roasted Pork Belly !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy your meal ...
Look at how much he enjoy his piece of roasted pork belly . ;)

Finger Licking good , yummy .... LOL
Crispy Yummylicious Roasted Pork Belly . Everyone really enjoy it for dinner last nite ;) 

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