August 4, 2011


My birthday wish for back in 2007 was this " I wanna learn to bake my own bread loaf " , and I have to put this wish on KIV until I actually bought an oven for myself. So this is the time I guess , to start making my first loaf of bread . Heehee...........


250g      Bread Flour
1 tsp      Instant Yeast
1/2 tbsp Brown sugar
1/2        Egg
140 g    Water
1tbsp    Butter
90g       Raisin
1 tsp     Cinnamon ( Optional )
1/4 cup Choppes Walnuts ( Optional )


  • Add Flour, instant yeast, sugar and cinnamon to food processor and pulse a few times 
  • Add Egg and Water and run for 90 seconds 
  • Stop machine and add butter. Mix well by hand
  • Start machine again and run for 40 sec 
  • Remove from food processor and add raisins and nuts and mix well by hand. Roll and put in a bowl cover with cling wrap . Let rise in warm place until double in size 
  • Punch dough and roll again. Cover dough for another 20 minutes . 
  • Make dough 15cm X 25cm size and roll up 
  • Grease loaf tin( 22 X 10X10 cm )  and put dough in. Place into a plastic bag and let it rise for about 40 minutes or until the top of the dough is just above the loaf tin
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 30-40 minutes 
  • Enjoy your tasty bread....... it is really yummy 

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