August 3, 2011


Cobwebs covering my blog .... help ... lol .... its been days since I write anything. Feel so lazy to write lately, my demanding job is taking up a lot of my time . Sigh................. now that Ryan has started to learn how to stand , its a big thing to me though. I am proud of him ..heehee..

I was doing some spring cleaning when I found some tuna and sardines which I have bought earlier this year planning to make my own tuna sandwich . Gosh , its been a while since I make this. I simply love the taste of it... Words can't describe the taste of this tuna sandwich till you really taste it .
Deliciously yummy .......... 

2 cans    Tuna Chunks in Water ( drain and mash ) 
1 can     Sardine ( mash with sauce ) 
2            Big Onion ( cut into cubes ) 
1            Tomato     ( Sliced ) 
6 tbsp    Mayonnaise 
1 tsp      Sugar 
4           Lime ( adjust to your own liking ) 

  1. Remove bone from sardine and mash till fine. Keep sauce for later use . 
  2. Combine mashed tuna, sardine and onion in a bowl. Add in mayonnaise and sugar . Mix till well combine . Adjust sugar to your own taste .
  3. Add in lime juice and mix till all well combine and chill over-night 
  4. Spread margarine on loaf bread and toast it with the margarine side facing down on a non-stick pan till brown . 
  5. Spread the tuna filling on the bread and top with a slice of fresh tomato or cucumber . 

Enjoy ..... waiting to hear your comments ... lol ;)


  1. Try one on the night of 03.08.2011. Sucess, my trial. Nice and tasty taste for my 04.08.2011 breakfast Tuna sandwish. Yessha.....

  2. I bet you taste just as good..:))

  3. Abby, give some comment about my sandwish... How many marks does my sandwish filling?

  4. Babe , she very pandai pandai go alter my recipe and added 1 xtra can of sardine . ended up the sandwich taste " too sardine" lol.....

  5. But luckily nice taste and clear off everything....... Yesss.....