October 27, 2011

Tau Sar Piah

When we were younger , mom used to bring us back to her hometown in Penang during Chinese New Year and school holiday. I simply love Penang food so much especially the Tau Sar Piah . Mom will make it a habit to buy few boxes of fresh bake Tau Sar Piah back home .

Those were the days where mom will always think of us when it comes to good food. Its all different now that we are all grown up. LOL. Its has became a norm for us to buy a few boxes of Tau Sar Piah home for mom whenever we happen to travel to Penang . My brother David , who came back from US to visit us , went for a 3 days trip to Penang . When he actually came back to KL , we saw him holding 2 boxes of Tau Sar Piah , and we went smiling at each other .LOL.
Since I have some left over mung beans in the fridge , I was thinking to try my hands on making homemade Tau Sar Piah , I mean a healthier version of Tau Sar Piah to be exact . Heehee.... I rea;;y didn't know that it is so easy to make Tau Sar Piah at home .. The results : SATISFYING , DELICIOUS , YUMMY , ........

For the Flaky Skin I have used the same ingredients and method from my previous post . ( get the recipe here )

For the Filling
300g    Mung Beans
5          Shallots ( Skinned and thinly slice )
5tbsp   Cooking Oil
5tbsp   Sugar
1/2tsp  Salt

  • Soak mung beans for 2 hours . Drain and steam over high heat for 40 minutes till beans are cooked 
  • Mashed the mung beans while still hot add in sugar and salt 
  • In a pan, heat up oil and stir fry shallots till crispy and golden brown
  • Add in mashed mung bean and fry over low heat till dry and rollable into round balls
  • Dish up and divide mung beans into 20g portion and roll into round balls shape
To assemble :
  • Divide both water dough and oil dough into 10 portion each ( 10 portion water dough , 10 portion oil dough ) 
  • Flatten one piece of water dough and wrap one portion of oil dough in it . Pinch to seal edges
  • Using a rolling pin, roll it flat into long strip . Roll up like a snail to form a cylinder, turn the dough 90 degrees, with the end facing up. Roll again into a long thin strip
  • Using a sharp knife or pastry cutter , cut the cylinder in the middle into 2 equal pieces. With the cut side facing down , flatten the dough, making edges slightly thinner than the centre. Leave a little hump in the centre in order for the dough to be evenly thick all around when wrapping the pastry
  • Wrap filling and pinch to seal. Try no to tug or pull too hard, otherwise the layers will tear
  • Place sealed side down on lined baking tray and brush with egg wash . Bake for 30minutes until the top and bottom are a light golden brown
Voila your Tau Sar Piah are ready to be served !!!!
I like the flaky texture , except for a few ones that I shape into Round Tau Sar Piah  shape .. yummy !!!!

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