October 26, 2011

Homemade Mee Hun Kueh

For generation , pan mee has been our family's all time favourite. Maybe I should just name my blog as " My Family All Time Favourite" , LOL. Cooking homemade pan mee has been a norm to our family . Whenever I told my mom that I am gonna cook pan mee , she will definitely say " good , good ".

Happily , whoever that is free to help will definitely help up to prepare ingredients to make pan mee. I will definitely be the one to prepare the dough . Mom will be the one to help preparing the soup and all . One little secret to share , although I know lots about cooking and all , I actually do not have the skill to fry crispy shallot. LOL. Mom laughed at me saying " Man , I didn't know you actually don't know the secret of frying crispy shallots " .. and she went like .. wahahahahahahahha all the way . I was really blushing at that time yeah. Thanx to my mom . heehee. At least I got the tips and secrets of frying crispy shallots from her after her big fat laugh. Worth it though.. LOL


20       Shallots ( thinly slice and fry till crispy and golden brown )
5         Mushroom ( soak for 1 hour till soft, clean and slice thinly. Stir fry with 1 tbsp of oil & soya sauce )
300g   Anchovies / Ikan Bilis ( clean and fry till crispy )
Some Green vegetables ( own preference )
For the Soup 
500g   Spare Ribs ( can be any other bones or meat to be used as soup base )
500g   Anchovies /Ikan Bilis ( clean and fry till crispy )
3liter   Water
2pkts   Dongcai /冬菜 ( winter vegetable ) 

  • Bring water to boil . Add in spare ribs and boil over low heat for 1hour . 
  • Add in pre fried anchovies and Dongcai. Continue to boil over low heat for 2 hours 
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. 

For the Dough/ Pan Mee
1kg     Plain Flour
1cup   Water
5tbsp  Margerine


  • Sift plain flour in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle and add water gradually till all flour stick together . Do not worry if its too dry as long as the flour stick to be one dry ball
  • Add margerine one tbsp at a time. Knead till all margerine absorb before adding another tbsp. 
  • Continue kneading to form a smooth pliable dough. Shape into one big ball. Pad the surface of the dough with margerine . 
  • Cover the dough to rest with a damp cloth . Leave aside to rest for 2 hours in the fridge 
To Cook Pan Mee 
  • Using a sauce pan, scoop 3-4 cups of the pre boiled soup into the sauce pan and bring to boil 
  • Remove a small piece from the dough and roll into thin sheet ( depending on own preference ) . Tear the pan mee using your hand as a scoop and add into the boiling soup . Cook the pan mee for 5 minutes 
  • Pick some vegetables and add into the boiling soup . Stir for 1 minute .
  • Dish up and serve immediately with fry anchovies , shallots,mushroom and cut cili padi .Voila !!! You are ready to serve your delicious bowl of pan mee... Enjoy !!


  1. hey babe , you should try . its really a hit. LOL . Homemade Mee Hun Kueh

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