October 24, 2011


Mom has been nagging me to try making our own ang ku kueh. The thought of making ang ku kueh makes me kind of lazy to move my butt from the chair. I have no experience in making chinese kueh at all. After making 'Kuih Dadar ' , I suddenly have the confident to make ang ku kueh .

I drove myself to the bakery supply store wanting to buy ang ku kueh mould. After making 2 rounds around the shop , I left the shop without buying anything . I decided to make use of my mooncake mould instead. LOL ...
Well, I would say I just want to make use of my mooncake mould for the time being till I mastered the skill of making Ang Ku Kueh . Cute eh ... LOL . The results : Delicious Ang Ku Kueh with sweet mung bean filling . Even my brother David who came back from the US to visit us , can't resist this cute little Ang Ku Kueh.


For the Skin 
300g    Glutinous Rice Flour
200ml  Coconut Milk
2tbsp   Sugar
7tbsp   Cooking Oil
A few drops of red colouring
A pinch of Salt

For the Filling
300g   Dried Mung Bean
125g   Sugar  ( Adjust to own liking )
1tbsp  Cooking Oil
150ml Water
2-3      Pandan Leaves

For Filling  
  • Soak mung beans for 2 hours . Drain place into a steamer plate /pan with pandan leaves . Steam over medium high heat a for 45 minutes to 1 hour until beans are cook
  • Remove from steamer and blend or mash till fine while still hot [ mung beans will turn hard when cooled ) 
  • Boil sugar with water and pandan leaves till sugar dissolves . Add mashed mung bean and continue stirring over low heat until dry and rollable . Dish up and set aside to cool. 
  • Divide Filling into 20g portion and shape into round balls 

For the Skin 
  • Remove 50g glutinous rice flour and mix with 100 ml water in a sauce pan. Cook over low heat , stirring continuously until form thick paste 
  • Boil coconut milk with a pinch of salt and pandan leaves . Once boil , set aside to cool 
  • Sift the remaining 250g of glutinous rice flour on the table . Add sugar and red colouring , mix well.
  • Add coconut milk gradually and knead for a while. 
  • Add in the cooked dough and knead adding oil gradually until dough is smooth and pliable . Let rest for 30 minutes 
  • Divide dough into 25g each ( depending on size of the mould using )
To assemble
  • Clean banana leaves and cut into desired shapes ( slightly bigger than the mould as leaves will shrink after steaming ) and lightly grease with cooking oil
  • Flatten one piece of dough and wrap filling . 
  • Grease mould with cooking oil and press dough into the mould. Knock the mould gently to dislodge the ang ku kueh and place it on a piece banan leaf
  • Steam the ang ku kueh over medium heat for 8-10 minutes ( for medium size ang ku kueh ) / 5-8 minutes for small size ang ku kueh 
  • After 4 minutes of steaming , open lid to let out excess steam ( in order to get nicely shaped ang ku kueh )  
  • Remove from steamer and set aside to cool before serving . Enjoy yeah !!!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh ( October 2011 ) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker


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