July 28, 2011


Work , cook , watching my children finish their homework , with some cleaning and scrubbing and all , makes life real hectic at times. Not really that easy being a working mother . Its been 3 days since I bake or cook anything special. Simply because baby Ryan was down with flu and cough . What's more important than taking care of my "little king". LOL. Now that he is recovering , my hands feel itchy . Simply because its a sign telling me I should work my hand on some food godies....... ;)

Ransacking my fridge , I found some pandan leaf/ screwpine leaf . Suddenly I have urge to eat some simple pandan steam cake. So here we go ........................
Looks yummy ? Try it out .... ;)


10     Pandan leaf / Screwpine Leaf ( can subs with 1 tbsp pandan essence & 1/2 tsp green colouring )
250 ml   Coconut Milk
250 g     Self-Raising Flour
200 g    Sugar
1pckt    ENO ( small )
1/2 tsp  Double Action Baking Powder


  1. Preheat steamer , prepare the paper cup / cupcake moulds for steaming 
  2. Add coconut milk and pandan leaf to food blender and blend till leaf are shredded finely. Sieve the pulps and retain the coconut milk pandan mixture . Sieve again and pour it into a clean blender.
  3. Add in sugar , self-raising flour and double action baking powder into the coconut mixture .Blend till well combine . 
  4. Open the blender cover and pour in the ENO pack and switch the blender on-off  for 3 times ( on-off , on-off, on-off ).
  5. Lightly butter grease the cupcake mould, alternatively you can use a paper cupcake case . 
  6. Pour the batter into the cupcake mould to 80% full and steam at high heat for 15-20 minutes ( depending on the size of your cupcake mould ) or until skewer comes out clean 
  7.  Remove from steamer and let it cool for 10 minutes before serving . 
Enjoy !

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