July 22, 2011


Pandan leaf / screwpine leaf is famous among asian housewives . Well known for its fragrant flavour , I tought maybe I should try making a steam cake out of this useful green leaves.

To my surprise, the cake vanished from my eyesight without me realizing it . LOL....


4         Eggs
100g   Sugar
100g   Superfine Flour ( Mix with baking powder and sift together )
2 tsp   Ovalette
2 tsp   Double Action Baking Powder
40 ml  Fresh Milk
40 ml  Melted Butter ( or Corn Oil )
2 tsp   Pandan esence ( I blender 14 pandan leaves and squeeze the juice )
1 tsp   Green Colouring ( If using ready made Padan Flavour essence you need this colouring )
Look at the soft fluffy texture of the cake ;)


  • Preheat the steamer and lightly greased a 8" round pan 
  • In a medium mixer bowl, add sugar , egg , pandan essence , colouring , ovalette , follow by the sifted flour . Beat at high speed for 8-9 minutes till fluffy 
  • Turn off the mixer. Slowly blend in the milk and melted butter using a spoon. Mix well and pour into the prepared pan.
  • Wrap the cover of the steamer with a piece of cloth to avoid any water dropping on the batter . Steam at high heat for 30 minutes or until skewer inserted comes out clean. 
  • Remember to cool on wire rack before removing from pan. Serve immediately with your favourite cup of hot steaming tea. 


  1. Can we do it without the ovalatte ?

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