April 24, 2012

AB #18: Tiramisu ........ and an Award

Tiramisu.... Guess everyone is familiar with this cake. Out of the blue, I just feel like baking this , since mom really fancy coffee dishes and bakes. To warn those that can't take caffeine , avoid eating this cake after 8.00 pm at night... Of course there is always a reason for this.
This is one of my fail photography session. Guess I was really too tired with my brain ain't working right at that time . I just couldn't think of a way to make the cake looks good. So I have to settle with just these few shots that I think is 'ok' , compare to the others. This is actually an early Mother's Day Cake for mom as I assume I will be busy delivering cake orders on the actual day .
I actually can't wait to taste my very first Tiramisu. So after the photography and playing around with my Tiramisu cake, I immediately cut a slice and pamper myself with this piece of Tiramisu. Delicious, delicious, delicious and deliciously yummmy .......... I finish the whole slice whithout realising the after effect of caffeine . The result of eating Tiramisu cake late at night : I don't feel sleepy at all for the next 3 days... Gosh .. I can't believe this myself, but this is really what happen to me. Wee wee wee wee wee........... Yeah , guess most of my blog buddy will be laughing at me yeah.. Heehee . I couldn't help it tho. LOL
 I actually stack 3 layers of sponge into this compact Tiramisu cake brush with coffe + baileys syrup on top of the oreo base . Yum.. I have always love oreo base crumb.  

Recipe adapted from Kuali.com

3 layers of vanilla sponge cake [ for recipe click here ]
Tiramisu Filling
    500g   Mascarpone Cheese
    125g   Icing Sugar
    500g   Whipping Cream
    1tbsp  Vanilla Extract
    2tbsp  Sherry (optional/ I omitted this )
    20g    Gelatine
    80g    Cold Water
Coffee Syrup
    4tbsp  Instant Coffee Powder ( I use Nescafe )
    150g   Hot Boiling Water
    4tbsp  Castor Sugar
    3tbsp  Kahlua (Optional/ I use Baileys as that is the only option I have )
Oreo Base
    250g  Oreo cookies crumb
    60g    Melted Butter

Tiramisu Layer
1/  Whisk mascarpone & icing sugar till smooth.
2/  Sprinkle gelatine on cold water,and allow gelatine to stand for 5 minutes. Place gelatine mixture in a double boiler method, heating until gelatine is dissolved. Cover and set aside for later use
3/  Using an electric mixerbeat whipping cream and vanilla until soft peak.
4/  Fold whipped cream into cheese mixture, add in sherry and melted gelatine lastly.
Coffee Syrup
1/  Dissolve instant coffee powder with sugar and hot water. Cool it and add in kahlua/baileys . Set aside for later use

Oreo Base
1/  Blend oreo cookies in a blender till fine . Mix in melted butter . Press oreo cookies mixture firmly on the base of an 8" loose base round pan . Chill in the fridge for 1 hour before assembling the cake.

To assemble Tiramisu Cake
1/  Place a layer of sponge cake on the oreo base. Brush 1/3 cup of the coffe mixture on the sponge cake. 
2/  Spread one portion of the cheese mixture on the cake.
3/  Place second layer of sponge cake on the cheese mixture.Brush with another 1/3 cup of the coffee mixture.
4/  Spread the second portion of the cheese mixture on the cake and place the last layer of sponge cake onto the cheese mixture , brush with the remainder 1/3 cup of coffee mixture
5/  Lastly, spread the remaining cheese mixture onto the cake and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight to allow the tiramisu to set firm.

Unmold the cake, dust with a layer of cocoa powder or any frosting of your choice . You are ready to serve your Tiramisu cake. 

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations

I gotta really apologise for my being MIA , I was unable to make it for Free & Easy Bake Along #22, that is really a sad one. Much to my surprise , I have got an award again . This time I gotta share 26 things about myself which starts from A-Z ... Gosh ...
Here we go :

 To be continue as I am really tied up with work .... Till then ... Tata .........


  1. whoa the tiramisu looks great! love the pattern on the top and no we r not laughing at you.....oh dash it ..it really is hilarious as it seems you are a glutton for punishment. What were u thinking having a caffeine overdose at night???LOL.
    Congrats on the award and don't forget to complete the homework assigned to you. So finish up from N to Z lady!

    1. Tq Anuja , you are always kind to my cakes... LOL . I was laughing at myself too ... so "cartoon" LOL.... now I am trying to finish up my assignment ;)

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