April 10, 2012

AB #18 : Blueberry Torte

I have always love challenges especially baking . When I first saw the recipe for Blueberry Torte in one of the cookbook i bought months ago, I was thinking, I should really try this recipe with my own modification . I have never like to bake chocolate sponge cake . No idea why I hate it, so I have change the cake to Super Moist Chocolate Cake that I used to bake all this time.
I have to apologise for my poor photography this time as I am using a different camera this time. I am actually having had time trying to figure out the settings and all. But then its still not the perfect picture that I used to have... LOL... I have been in doubt , as I couldn't make up my mind whether I should post this photos or not. I seriously thinks that the colour is a bit dull. Since I am not good at photos editing, there is not much that I can do to edit all this photos .
This cake turns out to be tasty . Just the right combination . Maybe the next time I'll use vanilla sponge cake instead as this heavy moist chocolate cake really makes it difficult to stack the cake up high as the weight does matter... LOL... if you know what I mean.

For the Super Moist Chocolate Cake 
120g           Butter
1 cup          Flour
1/2 cups      Sugar ( Original recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar )
1/2 cup        Cocoa Powder
1 tsp            Baking Soda
1/2 tsp         Baking powder
1                 Eggs
1/2cup        Buttermilk ( I used milk )
1 tsp           Chocolate Emulco ( Original recipe calls for Vanilla Extract )
1/2 cup       Boiling Water

  1. Preheat oven to 150C . Grease and flour two 5" round cake tin 
  2. Place all the above ingredients except for boiling water into the mixer bowl. Beat at medium high speed for 1 minute
  3. Add boiling water into the mixture and continue beating until smooth and well combine 
  4. Pour batter evenly into 2 cake tin 
  5. Bake at preheated oven for 1hour or until skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean
  6. Remove from oven and leave to cool before frosting 
Recipe adapted from LOVE2COOK

To assemble : 
250g    Blueberry Filling
250g    Non Dairy Whip Topping ( Whip till stiff )

  1. Slice each cake into 2 horizontally to get 4 portion of cake . Place one cake on a cake board and spread 1/3cup of whip topping evenly on the cake. 
  2. Scoop 2tbsp of blueberry filling on the cream and spread evenly . Cover the filling with another 1/3 cup of whip topping and spread evenly . Top with another cake. 
  3. Repeat the above step till the 4th cake . Spread the whole cake evenly with Whip Topping and decorate . Chill in the fridge for 2 hours or over-night before serving  .
Enjoy your Bluberry Torte !!!

Recipe ideas from Y3K CookBooks " Delicious Cake "

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations


  1. Looks so delicious. Love the super smooth finish.

    1. Tq Anuja, would you like to have a slice ? LOL.... tq for dropping by ;)

  2. Hi Abby, Another lovely creation from you! So neatly done, if it was me, I think the cake board would be full of frosting and messy! LOL!
    "Creme brulee" will be waiting for you! :)

    1. Tq babe ... ;) .. practice makes perfect ya know... LOL

  3. looks stunning, girl! did you hv this cake for dessert on a candelit dinner? the background settings look so ro-man-tik!!

    1. Tq babe , I had this with Ryan the gorgeous baby ... LOL

  4. Oh Abbygail, the cake looks very pretty! I like the purple frosting, natural and beautiful!

  5. So many layers! this looks gorgeous!

  6. Look nice and tasty. Doesn't reliase, Abby chocolate is not stick on my teeth.

    1. Tq, at least next time yo won't say " chocolate is sticky " .. now u know chocolate is tasty yeah ;)

  7. Es lo más hermoso que he visto una maravillosa torta ,soy una enamorada de los arándanos es mi fruto preferido una magnífica creación,abrazos,hugs,hugs.

  8. This is a lovely transformation! And the cake looks extremely stunning!

  9. Another stunning cake towering high over the rest in more than one respect - you are very talented :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Tq Choc Chip Uru , tq for dropping by too. ;)

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  12. Hi Abby, Another lovely creation from you! So neatly done, if it was me, I think the cake board would be full of frosting and messy! LOL!
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