March 21, 2013


Bang Kuang Char ( Stir Fry Turnip ) is actually a very famous dish among Nyonya families. Well my mom used to say that it will be perfect to eat Bang Kuang Char with Tau Yu Bak .... deng........... I was telling myself " Neh , why make it so complicated , since Bang Kuang Char is a really tasty dish itself ". Now I have to admit that , I was very wrong . Bang Kuang Char is normally eaten wrap in lettuce with some sambal belacan. Mom's version of eating Bang Kuang Char will be wrapping it in lettuce with some sambal belacan, one bite of Bang Kuang Char wrap with one scoop of Tau Yu Bak on white steaming hot rice . Simply delicious. ( This shows that we should listen to the elderly, especially when it comes to food .LOL )      

Unlike the normal Bang Kuang Char which is also call Jiu Hu Char , my mom's version of Bang Kuang Char has no cuttlefish in it . We are able to taste the natural sweetness of the turnips and carrot which is really appetizing . I used to smile like as if I have just received a big fat present whenever my mom cook this dish for me, years back when I was still a school kid. Gosh , that kind of feel long time ago eh.... LOL... Shhhhh.... Mom was saying this to me last night when I prepare this for dinner , " I used to cook this for your meal, now it is the other way round. You are cooking all the dishes that I used to cook " ..... I was smiling to myself thinking , was that a compliment .. I guess the answer is "Yes ". 


2 medium size  Turnip/ Bang Kuang ( peel and finely shred  ) 
1 medium size  Carrot ( peel and finely shred  ) 
3 tbsp               Cooking Oil 
3 cloves            Garlic ( chopped ) 
3-4                    Dried Shitake Mushroom ( soak and thinly slice  ) 
1 tbsp                Water  
2-3 tbsp            Soya Sauce ( adjust according to own preference ) 
200g                 Pork ( cut into thin strips ) 
A dash of pepper to taste 

1/   Heat 2 tbsp oil and add in chopped garlic . Stir fry till fragrant . Add mushroom and pork. Stir fry till pork are dry . 
2/   Add shredded turnip and carrot . Stir lightly on medium high heat till all are well combine . Add in water bit by bit while stirring . 
3/   Keep stirring for another 5-7 minutes . Add soya sauce, a pinch of salt, pepper and the remaining 1 tbsp of cooking oil . Stir for another 3 minutes . 
4/ Dish up and serve immediately , wrap in lettuce and sambal belacan. 

Tips : Using a pair of chopstick on the right hand and a turner on the left hand will make stirring easier and avoid breaking the fine turnip shreds . 


  1. Hi Abbygail
    Fried "bang kuang" is my favorite. Usually i fried a big portion and half of it i used it to make steamed vege pau.

    1. Hi Mel, tq for dropping by . This is one of my favorite too . ;)

  2. My mum never cook this for me before..... maybe I can try cooking it for HER! ;D

  3. I love this too....use it to wrap popiah also very nice:D

    1. Hi Jeannie , good idea . I should try it . ;) . Tq so much for the idea.

  4. Hi Abby
    It is me here again....the other I forgot to click to become your follower....have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Thanks for submitting your post.. =)

  6. normally we put shredded cuttlefish and after cutting turnips we lightly rinse it to wash away the powder, then after frying shallots and garlic in oil with a little sesame oil added , we dish out the garlic and onion, which is added to the dish as garnishing on is important that the turnip are well mixed with oil before adding water and hav to add at least half a cup of water. too dry is not tasty. and cabbage has to be added too in this dish, around almost 1-1 ratio to turnip or 1-3. lastly adding a little of constarch or potato starch flour as light thickening agent is betterr


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