September 6, 2011


What's more rewarding than getting new toys to compliment your cooking and baking effort? I was back in my hometown on Hari Raya Puasa , to find that my mom actually bought me some new toys for my small warm kitchen. I was really excited to try out my new kitchen toys. Yippeee!!!!!!!!

Check out my new oven . It gives me encouragement to continue with my passion to explore more baking recipes. Wait a minute, hang on there . There is another toy of mine that I really wanna share with you guys. Its my new mixer. It works amazing ... thanks to my mom ........ 

Well, guess there will be no reason for me not to bake more varieties for my loved one then .... ;) 


  1. Nothing quite as rewarding as new kitchen toys, looking forward to seeing some nice food! Have just become a follower...

  2. Hi firefoodie,

    thank you for dropping by . More post to come ;)