December 16, 2011

My 5th Order : Delicious Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Layer Cake

I bake this same cake 2 weeks ago , I suddenly have the urge to be super nice to my neighbour . Holding 2 slices of this cake, I walk to my neighbours house and she was happy to see me holding the cake. The wide grinning smile almost makes me wanna turn back home . LOL... I just dunno why. Well, I didn't turn back home of course. Silly. I happily pass the cake to my neighbour .
Guess what? My generosity pays when she came to my house last week , telling me that she actually loves the cake very much. She even made an order for her daughter's birthday which is tomorrow. I guess I am just being " kind of lucky " at the right timing yeah. Heehee..... I have to agree with her , this is indeed a very rich and delicious cake. No chocolate lover can resist this piece of rich and moist chocolate layer cake. I will promise to post the recipe soon , as I am suppose to walk over to my neighbour's house to deliver this cake now . Till then ............. tata ;)


  1. abby, reading this, i wished i'm staying next to you!

  2. Hi lena , I wish I stay next to you too . The mashed avocado serve on the baguette looks so delicious. LOL. I wish I was next to them when u were snapping the photos . LOL

  3. Hi Fabulry, this cake is really yummy. ;) Hey its been a while since I see u play any FB games yeah. Maybe I was too busy . ;)

  4. Wow, your cake looks fabulous! And looks absolutely delicious too! Drool...!!

  5. You are very professional in your cake baking! This is great!

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. This looks so delicious!
    Love your blog!
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  7. @kitchen flavours : tq so much. I have to say this cake is seriously delicious. 5 customer have ordered this cake ;)

    @ ZOE : Hi Zoe, Sorry for the late reply . Same wishes to you and family too altho its abit late now. ;)

    @ Elpiniki: Hi , thanx for dropping by . I have join your blog too ;)