July 16, 2012

Dinner again ...........Three Cups Chicken with Pork Ribs Peanut Porridge

Lately , I was pretty lazy to bake as my job is seriously taking up most of my time. As baby is growing up , I have to pay extra attention to him . He will stick to me clinging at my legs the moment I step into my house . Well , I have to admit that I love that very much . His welcoming smile is so warm as if he is telling me " well , mom , no worries I am a good boy " kind of smile. I simply love his laughter , his smile and he will even imitate some cartoon characters just to cheer me up sometimes.
Last weekend was a busy weekend for me. But.... it didn't stop me from trying out new dishes for my family . I was browsing thru some recipes over at Wendy's when I saw this recipe about three cups chicken which sounds flavorful and yummy . I have once tried another recipe of three cups chicken , but I don't really like the   outcome of it. This time, it's different . I pretty love this dish as much as my family . I will rate this dish as 5 stars " must try " dish .
Again , I am not going to post the full recipe here . Please kindly hop over to Wendy's blog for the full recipe of this dish . As seen on my pic, I was not able to find any Thai Basil . I just have to omit it from this dish . Even without Thai Basil , this dish still turn out to be delicious . A recipe worth keeping .
Dinner menu was great : Pork rib peanut porridge with three cups chicken . Yummy . Verdict : everyone loves the three cups chicken which add flavors to our commonly found pork ribs peanut porridge . LOL. Enjoy ...

July 14, 2012

No Bake Char Siu ... My Happy Dinner Begins.....

When I saw Wendy's post , I quickly gab my pen and paper to jot down the ingredients and method . Oh my I simply love the idea of using Palm Sugar for cooking. This recipe is seriously so tempting , I simply couldn't wait to try it out . You know how it feels when you have to work in the day time and still rush home to cook for dinner . Sometimes , I am just plain lazy to think what to cook for dinner ....
I have to say , this is indeed a very yummy dish . It cheers up everyone seated at the dining table. I was impressed by how much this dish changes a mundane mood .. LOL.. All thanks to Wendy for sharing this recipe . Please hop over to Wendy's blog for full recipe . I have to dismiss myself from here as I need to prepare my next dinner .. LOL . 

More post to come tonite ... Stay tune .... 

July 4, 2012

FBB Class @ The Cooking House

I was glad to be able to attend FBB baking class. Altho it was not a hands-on class, I still enjoy watching a celebrity blogger baking and demonstrating his very own shortcut to baking a delicious yummy cake. When I called to book for this class , I was told that its all fully booked. Oh man ...... then miracle happens .. LOL ... 3 days prior to this class , The Cooking House actually called me to inform me that someone actually cancel their booking . I nearly jump out of my sit . LOL . How happy I was , I quickly drive all the way to the bank to make payment for the class. Yippeee !!!!!
I simply love all the recipes taught in this baking class. Amazing recipes , amazing people . I am seriously speechless, simply lovely cakes and tarts .... Lovely environment , except that they are really short of spring form pans yeah ... LOL
I have always love FBB's cake recipe . All cakes are rich and yummy . I first came across FBB in "Flavour" magazine. I instantly fell in love with the cake recipes . I will definitely grab my sit again for all future FBB baking class.

Enjoy !!!