April 28, 2013


I have to say, I didn't expect this cake to be sooooo delicious . Oh my , did I just say that . LOL . When I saw the posting about this cake, I have a mix feeling about this cake. I was curious to taste this and yet I was not confident if any of us will like the taste of this cake or not. 

Cake soak in 3 diff types of milk. Hmmmmmmm .... what do you think ? Interesting , doubtful , curious or let's do it ? ... Well I have always trusted my baking buddies . So I say " let's do it ". So I started searching around for some interesting recipe , when I saw Lena's post. So I decided to do the same . 

Honestly , I dun mind about the extra milk soaking the cake cos it's simply delicious ( that's because I was in a rush to finish up this cake before popping it into to the fridge as I need to go fetch my girl back home ) . The verdict : Everyone love this cake. Everyone ask for a second helping except for baby Ryan. Hee... Guess he prefer his own milk than this . I think my sponge cake didn't rise as much as its suppose to be , but it's still very delicious. 

I served each slice with extra dollop of DDL .... hmmm... yummy ... 

Recipe ( from frozen wings , who adapted from Table for 2..or more  )
Milk Mixture
600g Fresh milk
100g Dulce de Leche ( recipe for making DDL here )
115g Whipping cream

Put DDL in a heatproof bowl and stir in whipping cream. Bring fresh milk to a boil and pour over DDL and cream. Stir to melt DDL and leave to cool in the fridge.

For the Cake
4 large Eggs
133g    Sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
133g   Cake flour

1.Preheat oven to 180C and line the base of the pan 
2.Beat eggs, sugar on high speed for about 5 mins on a stand mixer
3.Beat in vanilla and sift cake flour over eggs and fold. Pour batter into pan and bake for 30mins or until cooked.
4.Let cake cool in pan for 5 mins , remove and let cool on wire rack.

1. Using a cake pan, place 2 sheets of cling wrap over-lapping each other over the pan. Scrap off the top of the cake . Then place the cake into the cake pan, top side up.
2. Pour the milk mixture over the cake all around, fold cling wrap over the cake and chill overnight. 
3. Next day, remove the cake from fridge and unwrap. Turn the cake over to a plate and turn it up again. Whip some cream and spread it on top on the cake.


I am submitting post to Bake Along #43 : Tres Leches Cake hosted by Lena of frozen wings Joyce of kitchen flavours and Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids


  1. Hi Abby,

    Funny to know that everyone except your baby Ryan loves this cake... I think Ryan will like the cake when he gets older with his touch buds changing. I have not try baking with DDL yet and you are tempting me to try DDL baking with your yummy cake :p


  2. Hi Abby,
    Your cake looks lovely with the strawberries and DDL over the top! Glad that you have given a try with this cake!
    Thank you for baking along with us!

  3. oops, i think my internet line was hanged just now. You made your own DDL? somemore served with DDL! that must be luscious!! happy to know that you liked the cake, thank you dear!

  4. looks absolutely beautiful, especially with the spider web design on the top!

  5. Way to go! How can you make such delightful food? You have no idea how you filled my heart. I love sweets. I could not make my eyes get off this cake. I am dying to bake one and know how it tastes. They say this is delicious. My eyes cannot deceive me, I am sure that my sense of taste will agree with each other. The strawberries make the cake look sweet.


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  9. You should put some fresher strawberry and remove the green parts to make the cake more beautiful and attractive.

    Helen @online TEFL courses

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