February 16, 2012


Guess what guys......... I am back... Gosh I miss my baby so much ........... but I have to say I really love this trip. Amazing trip with 3 babes, each with their own beauty and uniqueness, you really dunno what you missing till you travel with them . LOL...
I was really happy to learn that I actually earn an award from my blog buddies. It meant a lot to me especially since I am new to blogging and all... I have to thank Joyce from Kitchen Flavour for forwarding this 2 awards to me. I am so proud of it....
Well for the time being I still need some time to digest this before forwarding it to 10 other bloggers .

I love Vietnamese Coffee.......... You dunno what u missing if u never try this ....


  1. Wow! An all-girls trip! How fun! I have been wondering perhaps you are on a holiday, being quiet on your blogging for a while! Glad to see you are back!
    I'm honoured to pass on the awards to you! :)

  2. Hi Joyce , How are u doing ? I am sorry to be MIA... LOL.. All girls trip is just simply irresistible . Tq so much for award. Heehee

  3. where's that place on the roof? i did try their coffee but actually now i forgotten how's the taste like and i remember they used to have this coffee filter that comes along to serve. did you get a lot of stuffs back from there? Me and some girl friends also planning on a trip this year..not sure of the destination yet, hope it's going to happen.